Surfing in Brazil

Brazil has 8,000km of coastline looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean, so it is no wonder that the country is renowned as one of the world’s surf hotspots. World class surf breaks surrounded by outstanding natural scenery at countless beaches make it one of the most popular activities in Brazil. From beginners’ breaks to championship-level waves and tow-in titans, there are perfect places for surfers of all abilities.

Perhaps the most famous surf beaches in Brazil are around the island of Florianopolis and the mainland of Santa Catarina nearby. Praia Mole, Praia Joaquina and Imbituba close to Praia do Rosa have all hosted ASP World Championship events. Many other breaks lay claim to be the best in Brazil also, including Ilha Bela and Maresia close to Sao Paulo; Ubatuba and Praia Lopes Mendes on Ilha Grande for the Costa Verde; most of Rio de Janeiro; Buzios and Cabo Frio; Itacaré and Morro do Sao Paulo amongst many other beaches in Bahia; Recife; Pipa; Jericoacoara and further up to the mouth of the River Amazon. There is even one of the largest river waves in the world, the pororoca. Offshore, the Fernando de Noronha archipelago is yet another championship-class option, known as the Brazilian Hawaii with Boldró and Cacimba do Padre being the beaches that beckon surfers from all over the world. Many of these places also have smaller, consistent waves which suit beginners and are perfect for taking classes.

Surfing in Brazil is a pleasure for many reasons. With surf dudes, surf bums, surf babes, surf competitions, surf schools and even surf buses, what´s not to like? The locals are generally friendly too and Brazilian hospitality usually extends to the waves. Plus, not only can you share consistent waves with locals and tourists most days of the year, but also with dolphins and the occasional seal or penguin. In certain parts of Santa Catarina and Bahia, you may even spot migrating Southern Right or Humpback Whales while sitting on your board. There is also the chance to recover on a beautiful Brazilian beach, make friends with the locals, and find the best places to party at night.

If surfing is your only reason for visiting Brazil, then many of the places mentioned could be included as part of a tour. If you want to make surfing or learning to surf part of a tour with other activities, nightlife and visiting tourist destinations, then contact us and we’ll recommend a Surf Tour of Brazil that suits you.

Activity Information: Surfing lessons for beginners of all ages can be found in many places along the coast of Brazil with experienced, bilingual instructors. Experienced surfers can bring their boards and even wetsuits for some areas, with cold currents coming up from the Antarctic and hitting land, especially around Cabo Frio close to Rio.

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