About Us

Brazil Adventure Tours

Brazil Adventure Tours is an Anglo-Brazilian travel and tour agency based in Rio de Janeiro, and legally registered as a business here in Brazil, as well as being registered to work in tourism by the Brazilian Tourism Ministry.

We have many years of experience in the travel and tourism industry of Brazil and South America, and years of experience in the UK/European markets before this. The agency was launched with the idea of providing our clients from all over the world with a feel for Brazilian culture and a more complete experience of Brazil, as well as a more fun one. We believe that there is so much more to enjoy in Brazil and throughout the continent than merely ticking off the major highlights - Cristo and Sugar Loaf in Rio, Iguazu Falls and the Amazon.

Our aim is to teach you more about Brazil, about the foods - the tropical fruits and vegetables that you don't find at home such as açai and acerola. There is also Brazilian cuisine to experience in the traditional churrascarias, or 'seafood' dishes from the South Atlantic, the Amazon River system or the Pantanal Wetlands.

We want you to feel the beats of Brazil through the music - the samba, forró, bossa nova, axé and even the Brazilian funk from the favelas! Even if you have only a few days in the country, we want to allow time and space for you to sit with a coffee or a cocktail and watch Brazilians at play on the beach. Rio in particular must be one of the most interesting people-watching places on the planet. Wed also like to introduce you to the wonderfully rhythmic Brazilian Portuguese language, from our very first contact with you. Hopefully you can learn a few basic words before you arrive to help you along and make sure that you are receive everywhere with a smile.

All of this can give you a look at Brazilian culture and make your trip all the more enjoyable with us than with any other agency. We like to take our clients out to lunch with a view or dinner somewhere special. We can take you to samba clubs and teach you the basic steps. We can also take you out into the countryside to walk trails in the forest and discover parts of Rio and around that most tourists miss. All this makes part of our more personal service that you don't find with most agencies or booking via the internet, and we like to meet as many of our visitors as possible, usually in Rio but sometimes in other parts of Brazil too.

Of course, we regularly have to visit other parts of Brazil that we include in our tours. We need to know what we are talking about in order to recommend the best options for our clients in terms of hotels and tours. We need to spend time on those beautiful beaches ourselves in order to tell you all about them! We also need to take part in as many activities as possible, no matter how tough they seem, and yes this does include the hang-gliding! Plus also the swimming with dolphins, the snorkelling in sea and river, the scuba diving, the treks and mountain climbs and so much more. We are prepared to take part in all of these so that we know that they are safe and suitable for our wonderful clients to experience as well!

We're also on hand to take the extra organisational work out of your hands so that you can concentrate on enjoying Brazil, without having to worry about flight changes or reconfirmations and such things. It helps to know that there will always be somebody in the country who speaks the language and who is on your side and easily contactable for any eventuality.

What makes us all at Brazil Adventure Tours happy is to receive a phone call or an email after our clients have arrived safely home, telling us that their trip to Brazil and South America was one of the most fun travel experiences that they have had anywhere in the world, and that they are thankful to us for making it all possible, and often for being part of the fun ourselves...

See you in Rio!

*This photo was taken by the esteemed Jen Barker MBE just before Lunch with a View overlooking one of the beaches on the outskirts of Rio! Jen & Chris feature on our testimonials page.