Why Choose Brazil Adventure Tours

Why Choose Brazil Adventure Tours?  Perhaps a better question would be Why Choose Anybody Else When Visiting Brazil?

Our tailor-made tours allow you complete freedom to organise your ideal tour of Brazil and South America, with our advice to help you along. The advice we give is based on years of living in Brazil and Latin America, years of experience in the tourism industry, and regularly travelling to the best tourist destinations of Brazil, and many non-tourist areas too!

We genuinely know and love the places that you are likely to visit, and personally know the people that will help your tour run as smoothly and safely as possible. We realise that the idea of visiting Brazil may be intimidating for first-time visitors, so we are here to answer all questions as honestly as we can, to remove as many doubts as possible, and to give you confidence before you leave home that you will be in very good hands for all of your time in Brazil. We only use qualified professionals that we trust will care for our clients as much as we do.

We also believe in only recommending destinations, excursions and activities that we have tried for ourselves first. This means that we must test out those beautiful Brazilian beaches and swim in those turquoise waters; spend hours trekking and kayaking through stunning scenery; visit museums and theatres and festivals; hang-glide and climb and zipline; travel miles to encounter the wildlife of the jungles, wetlands and oceans , swim with dolphins and turtles and watch in awe at whales; drink caipirinhas and dance samba under the stars; eat exotic fruits of the land and sea... and swing in as many hammocks as possible, strung between palm trees and jungle trees and anywhere we can find them.

Brazil Adventure Tours are prepared to do all of this on behalf of our clients! We like to make sure that we know what we are talking about, which gives us the confidence to help recommend the right options for all our clients, whatever their wishes.

We offer a more personal service from the first time you contact us, and this can be from advice on our tours and destinations, to information on Brazil in general, and even such small things as recommending and reserving restaurants that suit your tastes and needs. We like to meet our clients personally whenever possible, mainly in Rio de Janeiro where we are based although occasionally in other parts of the country too. We believe that it helps our clients to know that they have somebody close by, or at least in the same country, who speaks the language and can help with any medical or logistical problems immediately. Of course, the personal service may not always require such things, in which case we can be available for dinner too if necessary!

If you can believe that our prices are as honest as our service, then you may understand that we want Brazil Adventure Tours to be a sustainable, long-term business that benefits more people than just ourselves. We are involved in projects that help local communities and will make a donation to various projects in each destination that our clients visit.

Brazil is a huge country and endlessly fascinating, there really is something for everyone to enjoy. Our job is to provide you with a well organised tour at a fair price that suits your budget, not ours. We don’t believe in trying to squeeze every last penny out of our clients. With a little bit of extra help to ensure that you enjoy the exotic charms of Brazil as much as we do, this way you have the best chance of returning home happy from Brazil... and if you return home happy, with wonderful stories, beautiful photographs and videos, with a little Brazilian rhythm still in your hearts, then we have more chance of welcoming you back again, or welcoming your friends and family for the first time.

This way we will all be happy that you chose to travel to Brazil with Brazil Adventure Tours.