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Pousada Picinguaba - Costa Verde Sanctuary

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Your stay in Pousada Picinguaba takes you to a sanctuary on the lush Costa Verde, overlooking the beautiful bay and beach at Praia da Fazenda. As well as fabulously fresh food, you can enjoy activities in the waters and the rainforest, as well as the historic towns of the coast. The tranquil atmosphere and magnificent setting make it ideal for couples and families alike.

Your stay in Pousada Picinguaba takes you to a sanctuary on the lush Costa Verde, overlooking the beautiful bay and beach at Praia da Fazenda. As well as fabulously fresh food, you can enjoy activities in the waters and the rainforest, as well as the historic towns of the coast. The tranquil atmosphere and magnificent setting make it ideal for couples and families alike. 

Activities that take you out to marvel at the fabulous scenery include boat trips; kayaking; stand-up paddle boards; surfing; scuba diving; fishing with the local fisherman; rainforest trail hikes to waterfalls or remote beaches; and also visits to Costa Verde towns such as historic Paraty, scenic Trindade, and also for a look at the Gold Trail.

Relaxation makes a large part of any stay in Picinguaba, and this is augmented by spa, sauna and massage facilities, plus yoga classes and refloxology. The fresh produce used by the expert chef comes mostly from the organic farm up in the Costa Verde hills, Fazenda Catuçaba, where you can also spend a few days.

Picinguaba can also be part of a longer tour of Brazil, with Paraty, Ilha Grande and Ilhabela close by on the Costa Verde, which is the scenic coastline between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. 

Combines With: Rio de Janeiro; Paraty & Ilha Grande; Sao Paulo; Ilhabela 

Best Time to Visit: This tour can be taken all year round with December to February being the hottest, most humid and busiest months, but also with more rainfall. March to June are the quieter months on the Costa Verde and also with the best chance of clear weather

  • Destinations: Costa Verde
  • Duration: As Required
  • Trip Style: Traditional
  • Activities: Hiking & Trekking - Kayaking & Canoeing - Surfing - Ecotourism - Beaches

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Day 1 : Arrive on the Costa Verde
Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo to Picinguaba
After leaving from one of the big cities of Rio or Sao Paulo, you journey 4 hours or so along the Costa Verde, Brazil's Emerald Coast and possibly its most spectacular coastal route. Mountains covered in verdant rainforest tower above the bays, with tropical islands dotting the sparkling bays. Beaches are also visible between the palm trees, and waterfalls tumble down the mountainsides. After arriving in the tiny fishing village of Picinguaba, you can check in to your room in this colonial-style mansion and begin the process of unwinding. Just looking at the view out over the fabulous bay with Praia da Fazenda framed by the peaks should be enough.
Day 2 : Relaxing at Picinguaba
Pousada Picinguaba, Costa Verde
Your days at Picinguaba can be as free or as busy as you like. The pousada has its own organic farm up in the Costa Verde hills, (Fazenda Catuçaba, where you can also spend a few days) with produce arriving fresh from there or from the sea for the qualified chef to prepare fantastic meals and barbeques for guests. Facilities include plenty of ways for you to relax, with a sauna, yoga classes, various types of massage and reflexology, plus manicures and pedicures. Perhaps the favourite area for relaxation though is the deck and pool overlooking the bay. The lush gardens visited by monkeys and tropical birds also make Picinguaba a wonderful sanctuary to spend your days.
Day 3 : Costa Verde Cruising…
Pousada Picinguaba, Costa Verde
One of the pleasures of staying at Picinguaba is to take a boat trip on the Uyra, the beautiful schooner that sets out from the lodge at 10am every day, or it can be arranged for a different time if you prefer a private trip. The Uyra takes you for a tour around various offshore islands, Ilha Comprida, Ilha das Couves and Ilha dos Porcos. These little pieces of tropical paradise have tiny beaches where you can swim and dive in crystal clear waters, with snorkels and masks provided. Your schooner returns to Picinguaba for sunset. Another possibility for a day out on the waters is to spend the day with a fishing trip on a colourful little boat with local fishermen.
Day 4 : Atlantic Rainforest Trails
Pousada Picinguaba, Costa Verde
The setting of Pousada Picinguaba is in an area of such lush Atlantic Rainforest that at least one hike is an essential part of any stay, and a private trail guide helps you to make the most of it. Trails close to the pousada take you up and around the local headlands, with views over the bay. More demanding full day hikes take you over the headlands of the Laranjeiras Peninsula to beautiful beaches at Sono, Antigos and Ponta Negra, or up the lower slopes of mountains, with rivers running down them and spectacular waterfalls. Picnic lunches on remote beaches or with feet dangling in the cool waters of the pool at the bottom of the falls add to the enjoyment.
Day 5 : Exploring the Area
Pousada Picinguaba, Costa Verde
Activities at Picinguaba include exploring this beautiful coastline for yourselves, or with a guide if preferred. Kayak and stand-up paddle boards are the easiest was to get across the calm bay to Praia da Fazenda, one of the finest beaches in Brazil. Heading up the river, you enter a tranquil world of huge trees overhanging the river, with birds fishing. You can explore the mangrove islands and creeks too. You can also surf on the beach here or towards Ubatuba. Scuba diving at dive sites around the offshore islands is another possibility, while specialist bird-watching excursions can be arranged for water or on land, with large numbers of Atlantic Rainforest species.
Day 6 : Costa Verde Culture
Pousada Picinguaba, Costa Verde
The Costa Verde is steeped in history, and guided tours out from Picinguaba take you over the hills of the coast to visit some of the most historical sights. The fishing village of Trindade with its natural pools has some of the local caiçara culture hidden below the mountains of the Serra da Bocaina National Park. Paraty is the colonial jewel of the Emerald Coast, a beautifully preserved town used to ship the 18th Century gold-rush products to Europe, and to ship in people from Africa to work as slaves. The story of the Gold Trail up to the Minas Gerais Goldfields can be told during a tour that includes a visit to the old stone path that carried people and mules for 30 days of walking.
Day 7 : Leaving Picinguaba
Picinguaba to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo & Away
Your stay at Pousada Picinguaba comes to an end, with the journey away from this little corner of paradise taking you either down to Sao Paulo or up to Rio de Janeiro to catch your flight away. We can combine a stay of any length at Picinguaba with stays in other destinations nearby, such as Rio of course, or the other tourist hjghlights of the Costa Verde such as Ilhabela, Paraty and Ilha Grande. Further afield then a side-trip to Iguazu Falls is one that also works well. However you prefer us to arrange your trip then we are sure that you will leave Pousada Picinguaba relaxed and refreshed by the joys of the Brazilian Costa Verde!
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Do I require a Tourist Visa to enter Brazil and other countries visited during this tour?

Citizens of many countries require a Tourist Visa to enter Brazil, organised in advance at your nearest Brazil Consulate.
Please check details for visa requirements for your country on our Brazil Tourist Visa page.
Also, for details of your nearest Brazil Consulate in case you do require a Tourist Visa, please visit our Brazil Consulates page.

Do I need any special vaccinations for the areas visited during this tour?

Visitors to Brazil and South America are advised to always check the latest health information from your local doctors or travel clinic.
You may be advised to take a course of Malaria tablets. Yellow Fever Vaccine is highly recommended/essential for the Pantanal & Amazon region, plus the certificate to prove it, and possibly Hepatitis A and B Vaccines.
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What is the best time of year for this tour?

All Year Round

Saco da Mamangua Hike - Costa Verde
Duration: Full Day
This full day out to hike to the peak of Sugar Loaf Mountain (not that one!) is one of the finest in the whole of Brazil. The day begins with short drive to Paraty Mirim, the small village port that used to unload slaving ships. From there you hike over the first Costa Verde hill and into Saco da Mamangua, an 8km inlet with green mountains towering along the sides. After a beautiful crossing by boat, the trail begins from the beach, taking two hours to reach the open rock at the peak. The view of Mamangua and up and down the whole Costa Verde is one of the finest in Brazil! Lunch is on the beach below before returning to Paraty.