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Palmari Amazon Extreme Expedition

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This adventurous tour to the Palmari Nature Reserve takes you deep inside the Amazon Rainforest, with outstanding biodiversity in the Rio Javari area, close to the Brazilian borders with Colombia and Peru. The lodge is your base for some adventurous days in the jungle, with hiking and kayaking through remote areas, while camping in hammocks.

Amazon Jungle Lodges

Immerse yourself in the Amazon Jungle at one of our Amazon Lodges. Arrive boat and stay at the very edge of the largest river system in the world. Wake up every morning to the staggering sound of the Amazon Dawn Chorus. Witness wildlife such as monkeys, toucans, macaws and even the Amazon River dolphins at such close quarters that they may even become your friends. Trek into the jungle to learn the secrets of the rainforest and how to survive in it. Paddle canoes day and night along the quiet creeks for close-up encounters with caimans. Swing in a hammock at the end of another amazing day in the Amazon Jungle while staying at an Amazon Lodge with Brazil Adventure Tours. 

Palmari Nature Reserve

Palmari Nature Reserve is a wonderful base for adventurous Amazon trips deep in the rainforest, with outstanding biodiversity in the Rio Javari area, close to the Brazilian borders with Colombia and Peru. Adventurous days in the jungle include hiking and kayaking through remote areas, while camping overnight in hammocks strung between trees on the edge of the Amazon River system. After a night or two at the lodge, you strike out into the wilderness, with many combinations possible for hiking and kayaking for different lengths of trip, from three days to nine or more extreme hikes. These Amazon adventures are only for the adventurous, and participants need to be in good shape as well as tough. 

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Our Hiking Tours of Brazil are all basic ideas that can be tailor-made to match your requirements. Any tour can include one or more destinations, and can be purely dedicated to hiking, although some mountains may include a little climbing that is still suitable for those without much experience. We can also arrange serious climbing trips. We can also mix them with other activities such as climbing, kayaking or tandem hang-gliding flights, some regular tourism, and some nightlife. We include all that you need during your trip, the accommodation with breakfast; all airport transfers and other road journeys; any activities and excursions with English-speaking guides and relevant entrance fees; plus some popular extras. For our Hiking Tours of Brazil, you only need to bring your favourite hiking boots and regular outdoor clothing and equipment. Any parts where a little climbing is necessary will include ropes, helmets and safety harnesses. All hikes and climbs are undertaken with an experienced, qualified local guide, with activity insurance included. 

  • Destinations: Amazon
  • Duration: As Required
  • Trip Style: Adventure
  • Activities: Wildlife Observation - Ecotourism

Brazil Adventure Tours provide you with ideas for tours of Brazil and South America, with all being completely flexible with regards to dates, duration or the tours, activities and classes that we can include. Our website tours are our recommendations based on our experience of how to make the very best of your time in South America. We can adjust these details in any way that you wish, with a little advice from us of course. We can combine any of our destinations that you wish to visit into one tour, and for however long you wish to visit them. Any of our Traditional and Adventure tours can also be combined in whichever way you prefer. We are here to organise a tour that suits you after all, not the other way around!

Day 1 : Over the Amazon Jungle to Palmari
Leticia to Palmari Nature Reserve
On arrival in the Colombian border town of Leticia (it is also possible to arrive at Tabatinga in Brazil or Santa Rosa via Iquitos in Peru), you will be met for transfer across the border to Brazil. At the port in Tabatinga you board a boat for the journey down the Rio Amazonas and up the Rio Javari to the Palmari Nature Reserve. Set in one of the most remote parts of the Amazon Rainforest, this biodiversity hotspot will be your base for your Amazon Expedition. After being welcomed and introduced to the facilities of the lodge, you can enjoy sunset before an evening introduction to the nocturnal creatures that live around the lodge.
Day 2 : Amazon Expedition Plans
Palmari Nature Reserve
Your Amazon Extreme Expedition is planned together with the expert local guides at Palmari. We can arrange the details in advance of course, as to how many nights you want to stay out from the lodge, but the final details will always be arranged on arrival. Knowing whether you want to trek or kayak, or perhaps a combination of both is useful in advance, but weather and ground conditions can determine which routes are suitable. These can involved crossings between remote rivers; hiking for days to a point upriver, then kayaking back down; or taking the kayaks upriver by boat to kayak slowly down over various days, exploring the backwaters.
Day 3 : Expedition Basics
Palmari Nature Reserve
These multi-day Amazon Extreme Expeditions can be organised for small or large groups, and for as short or as long a time as you require! They are only recommended for fit, adventurous people though, as the hikes and treks are through hot and humid rainforest, while kayak trips can be made under the equatorial sun. All trips out from the lodge are accompanied by a local expert guide, with transport to and from the trailheads and paddling points. Hammocks are used for sleeping, strung between two Amazon trees in a campsite situated close to one of the creeks or lakes, with only the nocturnal sounds of the rainforest for company.
Day 4 : Amazon Expedition Ideas
Palmari Nature Reserve
Trekking/kayaking combinations all require two nights at the lodge, one in advance and a final night on completion. Trekking options include: Onça (Jaguar) Lake to Palmari or the Contrabando Route - 3 day terra firme hike close to varzea forest; Socó Lake to Onça Lake - 4 day hike in mostly terra firme forest, the final day close to varzea forest; both together for 7 days, or 9+ day hike in very deep terra firme forest. You can also hike for 3 days to Onça Lake then kayak back in a day; or for 7 days to Socó Lake with 2 days kayaking to return. The Contrabando Lake is 2 days paddling out with 3 days hiking back. Two 4-day pure kayaking trips also exist.
Day 5 : Expedition Encounters
Palmari Nature Reserve
Any expedition can hope to encounter more wildlife than stays at the lodge, as you will be immersed in the jungle for 24hrs/day. Hiking and kayaking are both excellent ways to get quietly close to wildlife, with accidental encounters far more likely too. With no time limits, you can sit quietly to watch troops of monkeys or flocks of colourful birds pass overhead, with dawn an especially active time. Riverbank wildlife does not seem to fear people in kayaks, so the sound of a tapir taking a bath can be investigated, and dolphins and otters can be observed in peace. Sloth and collared anteater can be spotted too, while caiman and other nocturnal creatures are easy to spot with torches.
Day 6 : Amazon Equipment
Palmari Nature Reserve
A first-aid kit accompanies all departures, while travellers are required to bring some supplies for themselves. Field water bottles and enough water-purifying tablets to last the journey are essential. The rum ration (Brazilian sugar-cane cachaça) can also be included. Each person is responsible for carrying their own Amazon supplies, with communal equipment and food split between the group. Trekking/kayaking routes, and camp-sites used, may be altered with guide consultation, while trips may be adjusted considering fitness and paddling abilities. With set routes, some towing of slower kayakers may be necessary with double kayaks.
Day 7 : Expedition Supplies
Palmari Nature Reserve
The basic equipment required for your Amazon Trekking and Kayaking trips will be provided at Palmari Nature Reserve: hammock; mosquito net; plastic cover; all ropes and strings for suspending your bed between the trees; linen; warm blanket (the Amazon Rainforest can become surprisingly chilly some nights!); small pillow; small towel; cooking equipmen - with the catering requirements decided between the group before leaving the lodge. Machetes are also included, along with smaller cutlery. To supplement the food supplies, nylon string, steel wire and hooks are provided for you to catch your own Amazon fish! You will learn a lot during your Amazon Expedition, including how to survive for yourself!
Day 8 : Flying Away from the Amazon
Palmari to Leticia & Away
A morning transfer by river takes you back to Tabatinga, where you can continue further downriver to Manaus in Brazil, or fly from Leticia to Bogota. There is also the journey up the Rio Amazonas to Iquitos, with flights from there to Lima. You may have some free time to visit the beautifull and vast Uirapuru Murseum before you leave the Amazon. Your flight over the Amazon Jungle will give you time to reflect on the marvels encountered during your Amazon Extreme Expedition in the Palmari Nature Reserve, which may even inspire you to return in the future and participate in the social and environmental projects based at this wonderful Amazon lodge.
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Do I require a Tourist Visa to enter Brazil and other countries visited during this tour?

Citizens of many countries require a Tourist Visa to enter Brazil, organised in advance at your nearest Brazil Consulate.
Please check details for visa requirements for your country on our Brazil Tourist Visa page.
Also, for details of your nearest Brazil Consulate in case you do require a Tourist Visa, please visit our Brazil Consulates page.

Do I need any special vaccinations for the areas visited during this tour?

Visitors to Brazil and South America are advised to always check the latest health information from your local doctors or travel clinic.
You may be advised to take a course of Malaria tablets. Yellow Fever Vaccine is highly recommended/essential for the Pantanal & Amazon region, plus the certificate to prove it, and possibly Hepatitis A and B Vaccines.
Please check our Brazil Vaccinations for further information.

What is the best time of year for this tour?

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