One Month in Brazil Travel

One Month in Brazil

31 Days / 30 Nights

A whole month in Brazil means that you can visit many of the most popular tourist destinations in one of the most interesting countries in the world, a magnificent combination of nature, culture and history. 

Rio de Janeiro and Salvador have the big city vibes, the culture, the music and the history, plus beautiful city beaches and bays. Samba, world-famous carnivals, drums bands, dancers and more can be enjoyed along with Copacabana, Ipanema and the mountains of Rio, or All Saints Bay in Salvador. 

Paraty and Chapada Diamantina are small towns with their own history from the gold-rush and diamond-mining times, with mountains, waterfalls, spectacular pools, and lush vegetation to be enjoyed during the day, and the cobbled streets of the charming old towns at night. 

The North-East coast is a land of dunes, lagoons and waves, with much of the journey between Fortaleza possible on the sand. 4x4 vehicles, quadbikes, horses, boats and small planes are used to explore the most scenic corners of the national parks around Jericoacoara, the Parnaiba Delta and Lençois Maranhenses. 

Wildlife and ecotourism abound in the Amazon Rainforest, the Pantanal Wetlands, Bonito and Iguazu Falls, with native wildlife enjoying the waters and vegetation, and hikes, horse-rides, boat journeys and snorkelling trips taking you amongst it all to observe it all. 

And to finish such a fabulous journey, there is no better place than the paradise island of Ilha Grande, with time to relax on the beaches or snorkel with the marine turtles!

Combines With: We can always add in even more destinations if you have the time!

Best Time to Visit: December to March has the Amazon wet season, and are also the hottest, most humid and busiest months for Rio, Iguazu and the Costa Verde. March and April also have more rain in the North-East of the country. May through to October would usually be the best combination but any time of year is possible. 

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One Month in Brazil

31 Days / 30 Nights

Destinations Visited

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Sao Luis & Lençois Maranhenses
  • Costa Verde
  • Jericoacoara
  • Bonito
  • Manaus
  • Pantanal Wetlands
  • Amazon
  • Lençois & Chapada Diamantina
  • Salvador
  • Ilha Grande
  • Paraty
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Piaui & The Parnaiba Delta

Trip Style


Activities Included

  • Wildlife Observation
  • Ecotourism
  • Beaches

Tailor Made Tours

All our Brazil and South America Tours, are completely flexible with regards to dates, duration or the tours, activities and accommodation that we can include. All the tours featured on our website are our recommendations based on our experience of how to make the very best of your time in South America. We can adjust these details in any way that you wish. We are here to organise a tour that suits you after all!


Day 1
Arrive in Brazil for a Whole Month!

Destination: Rio de Janeiro

You Month in Brazil begins on arrival in Rio de Janeiro, where your Brazil Adventure Tours guide describes the Marvellous City during the journey to your hotel close to Ipanema and Copacabana Beaches. You pass along the edge of Guanabara Bay, with first glimpses of the city, the statue of Christ The Redeemer and Sugar Loaf Mountain. After a little orientation of the city and the area around your hotel, the rest of the day is then free to explore Rio and perhaps enjoy your first coconut water or a caipirinha cocktail at sunset from Arpoador, the headland between the two main beaches. Evening brings the chance to enjoy Brazilian cuisine for the first time.
Day 2
Christ the Redeemer & Rio

Destination: Rio de Janeiro

Your first of many sights across Brazil is the iconic statue of Christ The Redeemer, standing 31m high on top of the 700m Corcovado mountain. A morning journey up allows you to enjoy spectacular views from the base across the city, beaches, mountains, the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Guanabara Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. You then drop through bohemian Santa Teresa and the Selaron Staircase to see the historic side of Rio, the Municipal Theatre and the grand buildings that date from the 19th Century and earlier. The modern Metropolitan Cathedral and the antique Arches of Lapa are two more of Rio\'s postcard sights. Afternoon and evening are free to relax.
Day 3
Cable Cars and Sugar Loaf Views

Destination: Rio de Janeiro

Morning brings a journey around the lagoon to the Botanical Gardens in the shadow of Christ the Redeemer. The gardens contain an array of tropical species, with palms, orchids and the pau brasil tree that gave its name to the country watched over by monkeys and toucans. You then travel to Sugar Loaf Mountain to ride the cable cars to the 396m summit. The views take in Copacabana Beach, the mountains behind the statue and also those surrounding Rio on a clear day. Afternoon and evening are free with a typical Brazilian churrascaria barbeque being one option, while weekend evenings can bring a trip to the samba clubs of Lapa.
Day 4
North to Chapada Diamantina!

Destination: Rio de Janeiro to Lençois

After breakfast you transfer to the airport in Rio, fly north to Salvador and connect on to Lençois in the Bahia interior, either by road or the Sunday/Thursday flight. The journey west from Salvador passes market towns, plantations, and the dry lands of the Sertao, the Brazilian desert interior. The area around the old diamond mining town of Lençois and the National Park of Chapada Diamantina is an oasis in the dusty outback. Flat-topped mountains rise to 1600m, and the valleys between them are covered in lush forests and tumbling waterfalls. After arriving you can explore the cobbled streets of the charming colonial town, or swim at the beautiful Serrano Falls a short walk upriver.
Day 5
The Marimbus Wetlands

Destination: Lençois

In the morning you begin a tour to Marimbus, the wetland area regarded as the Bahia version of the Pantanal. After arriving at the fishing village of Remanso, you board a boat to traverse the wetlands. The wildlife of the area includes capybara, caiman alligators, deer, abundant bird and marine life, plus the chance to see the beautiful jaguar, although this is rare. A paddled canoe trip helps you to get close to the wildlife in perfect tranquility. After stopping for lunch by the Roncador Waterfall, you transfer back to Lençois by jeep, with the evening free to enjoy dinner on the streets of Lençois.
Day 6
Chapada Diamantina National Park

Destination: Lençois

A full day around the Chapada Diamantina National Park begins with a visit to the Rio Mucugezinho and a short walk to the Poço do Diabo (Devil\'s Well) Waterfall, with a short stop for a swim there. After lunch, you visit the Gruta Azul (Blue Cave) to see the sun hitting the crystal clear water at the optimum moment. You wander amongst huge limestone stalactites and stalagmites of the Gruta da Lapa Doce cave system before finishing the day with the short hike to the top of Morro do Pai Inácio. The flat summits allow 360˚ panoramic views as the sun sets on the Chapada Diamantina National Park, a memorable finish before you return to Lençois.
Day 7
The Blue Waters of Diamantina

Destination: Lençois

Your final day around Chapada Diamantina takes you to two of the postcard sights in the national park. Poço Encantado is the enchanted pool with water inside a limestone cave that is turned electric blue by a ray of light. Poço Azul is the blue pool with more crystal clear cave water illuminted and turned blue by daylight. You can swim in the waters of the pool and watch your body turn blue in the light. After a regional lunch in the locality, you return to Lençois by road and stay in the town for your final night. Your stay in the area can be tailored to your requirements, with many more options available for hiking, climbing, rapelling, horse-riding and mountain biking.
Day 8
Chapada Diamantina to Salvador

Destination: Lençois to Salvador

You have the morning free in Lençois to explore Serrano Falls and perhaps buy some souvenirs made from the sand found in the Cave of Seven Colours on the hillside above it. In the afternoon you travel back to the state capital by flight (Thursday or Sunday only) or the afternoon public bus to Salvador, and transfer to your hotel in the historic centre immediately on arrival. Evening is free and the cobbled streets of Pelourinho are lined with baroque churches, colonial mansions and colourful houses dating from the days when Salvador was the first capital of Brazil, the port that shipped out the sugar cane and tobacco that were grown on the first plantations.
Day 9
Afro-Brazilian Cultural Capital

Destination: Salvador

A morning walking tour of Salvador takes you around Pelourinho, the square named after the whipping post where people brought from Africa were sold into slavery. The riches of the plantation era can be seen in the churches of Sao Francisco and Carmo (both also convents), while slaves constructed their own church of NS do Rosario dos Pretos. The Lacerda Elevator takes you to the Lower City where arrivees were detained in the spooky cellars of what is now the Mercado Modelo. In the afternoon, you visit the outer sights such as the lighthouse at the entrance of All Saints\' Bay, while evening can include a spectacular folkloric show with demonstrations of samba, capoeira and candomble religious ceremonies.
Day 10
Brazil's Finest Beach Town!

Destination: Salvador to Jericoacoara

You fly in the morning to Jericoacoara, one of Brazil\'s finest little beach towns, with the afternoon free for the beach or some activities. Sand-boarding is one of the most popular and also one of the most fun - especially watching somebody else trying it for the first time. Surfing and kite-surfing are especially popular too, while horse-rides through the dunes and along the beach appeal to many, or just a simple walk on an empty beach and a swim in the tropical ocean. Sunset and sunrise are always enjoyed from the top of the dune outside town, with full moon period being the most spectacular as the sun sets ahead of you and the moon rises above the dunes behind.
Day 11
Quadbiking Adventures in Jeri!

Destination: Jericoacoara

Your day in Jeri begins not so early as you leave the town by quadbike, passing through the town and behind the rocky headland to the long stretch of sand that is Praia do Prea. The first stop is at the postcard Pedra Furada, the holed rock that sits on the edge of the ocean below the lighthouse. A fun 12km on the sand, with various photo opportunities takes you to the village, where you head inland. The waters of Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Paraiso give ample opportunity for you to relax in the photogenic hammocks placed over the lagoon waters. Lunch can be eaten here, with the final part being the spectacular passage through the white sand dunes of the national park back to Jeri.
Day 12
Through the Parnaiba Delta

Destination: Jericoacoara to Parnaiba

In the morning you head further west, along the coastline to Mangue Seco, taking a boat around the mangroves of Guriú and the ruins of of Tatajuba. The village was buried by the encroaching dunes and abandoned to nature. The Lonely Palm and Beach of Love come next before you cross the Rio Coreaú to Camocim. The tarmac roads take you into Piaui State and the Parnaíba Delta for a lunch break. The Port of Aramadillos on Santa Isabel Island is the first stop in the delta. Here you take a launch along the creeks, rivers and estuaries, with monkeys, iguanas, snakes and scarlet ibis amongst many other animals. After a delta sunset, you can settle into your pousada.
Day 13
The Shifting Sands of Maranhao

Destination: Parnaiba to Atins

The day begins with the journey to Paulino Neves, a small town in the protected ambiental area of Rio Novo. The adventurous journey through the dunes of North-East Brazil is an eye-opener. By midday you arrive in Cabure, a village built on a disappearing spit of sand that guards the Lazy River from the open ocean. It has already been moved at least once! After arriving, you cross the river to Atins, the small town on the edge of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. A sunset horse-ride takes you into the park nearby, traversing dunes and lagoons as the equatorial sun drops. You can also have a wonderful seafood dinner on the main beach just outside town!
Day 14
Dunes and Lagoons of Lençois

Destination: Atins to Barreirinhas

In the morning you take the boat up the slow-moving Lazy River to Barreirinhas, with stops for tourism along the way, including the Mandaracu lighthouse and the friendly monkeys in the village of Vassouras. On arrival in Barreirinhas you transfer to your accommodation in the small town that stretches around the meanders of the Rio Preguiças. You have time for lunch at one of the restaurants overlooking the Rio Preguiças before afternoon brings another chance to enjoy the Dunes and Lagoons of Lençois Maranhenses. You visit Lagoa Bonita, as the name suggests, one of the prettiest of the lagoons close to Barreirinhas, with the chance to swim in the crystal clear waters before sunset.
Day 15
From the Dunes to the Rainforest

Destination: Barreirinhas to Sao Luis & Manaus

A 30-minute flight over the park takes you for the bird\'s-eye view of the 1,500sqkm expanse of dunes at sunrise, with views over to the Atlantic Ocean behind. A morning trip into the Lençois Maranhenses National Park in the morning takes you to visit Lagoa do Peixe and Lagoa Azul, for more scenic sands and lakes. After returning to Barreirinhas for lunch, you then transfer to Sao Luis, a 3-hour highway journey before your late afternoons to Manaus. On arrival in the city at the heart of the Amazon you transfer immediately to your hotel close enough to pass by the Teatro Amazonas for a look, the famous opera house of Manaus.
Day 16
Surviving in the Amazon Jungle

Destination: Juma Amazon Lodge

A full day in the Amazon Jungle teaches you some of the survival needed to adapt and thrive in the largest tropical rainforest on earth. Short treks take you into the forest to find the medicinal plants, foods and fresh water, as well as learning how to construct the basic shelters and storage products from the leaves of palm trees. Hammocks were also made like this, and in the afternoon you can test out them out, swing between two trees and rest through the heat of the day, just as the native population have done for centuries! You return to the lodge late afternoon.
Day 17
Journey to the Jungle

Destination: Manaus to Juma Lodge

After breakfast, you begin the three hour vehicle and boat journey to Juma Lodge (or any other option), your base for the next few days of jungle activities. You may see pink freshwater dolphins swimming in the river, as well as stopping at the Meeting of the Waters along the way, to see the two huge Amazon tributaries that meet but don\'t mix in the centre of the river. You will also observe the Giant Water Lillies along the way. After a welcome drink at the lodge, then time for an Amazonian lunch, a reconnaissance trip takes you into the flooded forests and canals by motorised canoe. In the evening, the canoes take you back out to observe the nocturnal animals and noises.
Day 18
Amazon Flora & Fauna

Destination: Juma Amazon Lodge

After enjoying breakfast in the company of the monkeys and macaws that make their home at the lodge, you head into the Amazon Jungle on a guided trek along the trails around the area. Your expert bilingual guide will show you some of the immense variety of flora and fauna that make up the largest ecosystem on earth, including the trees that give us rubber and chewing gum as well as plants with a host of pharmaceutical uses. After lunch comes the chance to fish for piranha and peacock bass before a spectacular Amazon sunset, with monkeys, dolphins, hoatzin and the marvellous sloth all possible to observe in the trees and the water around you.
Day 19
From Rainforest to the Bushlands

Destination: Amazon Lodge to Manaus, Campo Grande & Bonito

In the morning you must say goodbye to your friends at Juma and return to Manaus by boat and vehicle. Your afternoon flight heads south over the Amazon to Brasilia, where you connect onwards to Campo Grande, the state capital of Mato Grosso do Sul. From the airport another 3.5 hours of driving is necessary to take you to Bonito. After a full day of travelling, you will need to lie down, so an early start might be best avoided. Bonito has a little life on the main street for your other evenings, with live bands in at least one of the town bars. You can also sample some of the bushmeat from the area, with caiman, capybara and boar on the menu, as well as plenty of fish.
Day 20
The Natural Aquarium of Bonito

Destination: Bonito

A morning floating in the crystal clear rivers of Bonito takes you to the Natural Aquarium, perhaps the most charming part of Bonito\'s many fine snorkelling spots. The shallow bay holds its waters still, and the morning sun shining off them is a spectacular sight under water - the marine and plant-life become basked in a beautiful blue and yellow light and everything below the surface seems to be alive with colour. This is a special sight. After lunch, at the Mimosa Estancia you can enjoy a hike along the waterfalls trail there, with swimming spots in the natural pools. There is also a platform if you want to enjoy jumping into them from high above.
Day 21
Silver River Snorkelling

Destination: Bonito

Another day snorkelling in the Rio da Prata, perhaps the most spectacular Bonito river, with over 2km of floating including gentle rapids to traverse both on foot and in the river. The Silver River aquatic life is even more abundant, with huge fish such as the pacu, piraputanga and the beautiful golden dourado. River otters and rays can also be spotted in the water, while caiman alligators, enormous boa constrictors and on very rare occasions even a jaguar can be spotted sunning themselves on the river banks, with little danger to snorkellers. Monkeys and toucans cross from tree to tree above your heads, with the day finishing at the Macaw\'s Hole, with dozens of these beautiful birds coming home for the night.
Day 22
Into the Pantanal Wetlands

Destination: Bonito to the Pantanal Wetlands

After breakfast you continue on to the Pantanal region, around 3 hours drive across the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. On the way you stop at the Boca da Onça Ranch, to walk the trail of 9 waterfalls, including the highest in the state. Swimming in the clear pools is also a refreshing possibility. After arriving at your lodge, hundreds of birds fill the sky as the sun sets and the sky melts into shades of gold, pink and purple. After dinner, a night safari takes you to spot some nocturnal wildlife. Many of the predators of the area such as jaguars, pumas, ocelots and wolves hunt in the cool of the night and the eyes of the alligators of the Pantanal glow brightly like the stars in the sky.
Day 23
The Largest Wetlands on Earth

Destination: The Pantanal Wetlands

Our Pantanal Lodges all offer a wide variety of experiences in the wetlands, and there are a range of prices to suit most budgets. Activities depend on the season and ground conditions, plus recent wildlife sightings, but generally include hikes along trails and vehicle trips across the savannah, boat trips on the rivers, creeks and lakes of the area, and activities such as horse-riding through the wetlands or even mountain-biking on the dry trails. Night-time brings the chance to spot the nocturnal creatures of the wetlands, including the predators that hunt in the cool of the night. Observation of Pantanal birdlife will always make part of your stay as well.
Day 24
From the Wetlands to the Falls

Destination: Pantanal Lodge to Campo Grande & Iguazu Falls

After breakfast you begin the road journey from your Pantanal Lodge back to Campo Grande, keeping your eyes peeled for toucans and macaws flying alongside your vehicle. From here you fly on in the afternoon to Iguazu Falls, and your first chance to see the 275 separate falls of the Rio Iguazu comes as you land. On arrival you will be met for immediate transfer to your hotel on the Argentina side of the river, with a late arrival necessary. Please be sure to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for Iguazu Falls, as the walkways, paths and yourselves become wet from the spray. Camera protection is also a good idea.
Day 25
Mesmeric Iguazu

Destination: Iguazu Falls

After a little lie in to recover from your late arrival, you cross to the Argentinean national park, where walkways built over the river, and around and alongside the falls allow you to experience the majesty of Iguazu from very close quarters. You can see, hear and feel the water falling 80m down from the plateau to the gorge. The undoubted highlight is the mesmeric experience of looking down into The Devil\'s Throat as the falling water pounds the bottom, creating the roar and mist that mean Iguazu Falls can be seen and heard for miles around. Your day finishes with the journey up the canyon on the adventure boat which takes you right under the falling curtains of water.
Day 26
From the Falls to the Costa Verde

Destination: Iguazu Falls to Sao Paulo & Paraty

In the morning, you will be picked up for your journey back to the airport, stopping off at the Brazil Falls National Park along the way for majestic panoramic views of Iguazu from across the gorge. You could also take the helicopter flight above them. After lunch, you fly to Sao Paulo and travel up the Costa Verde, Brazil\'s Emerald Coast, and possibly its most spectacular coastal route, with jungle-covered mountains towering up to your left, and tropical islands dotting the sparkling blue bays to your right. After checking in you can spend the evening exploring the historic centre of Paraty, whose harbour, cobbled streets and colourful colonial houses make a pleasurable wander day and night.
Day 27
Tropical Islands and Crystal Waters

Destination: Paraty

Your day begins with the short walk to Paraty\'s picturesque harbour, with brightly painted boats all waiting to head out into the bay. You leave the pier to visit some of the tropical islands, secluded beaches and crystal clear coves with stops for snorkelling, swimming and strolling along the sands. Lunch is usually served on board or perhaps on one of the islands. The pleasant cruise back arrives late afternoon as the sun dips behind the mountains, bathing Paraty in rays. Evening is free once more to appreciate the renowned seafood restaurants of the town. Shops also open late, with local cachaça of different flavours from the distilleries nearby being a favourite souvenir of Paraty.
Day 28
Escape to Ilha Grande

Destination: Paraty to Ilha Grande

After breakfast you transfer by road further up the Costa Verde, where a 45min boat journey to the largest island in the bay, Ilha Grande, gives you plenty of time to admire the scenery. On arrival at Vila do Abraao, the main village of the island, you will be helped with your luggage as you walk to your hotel nearby. With no vehicles on the island, journeys on foot along the beaches may be necessary. After checking in, the afternoon is free to enjoy the beach, swing in a hammock under the trees, or perhaps walk the half an hour trail to the beaches at Praia Crena or Abraaozinho. In the shallows of Crena or Praia Canto, the main beach, you can often find sea turtles feeding, and snorkelling with them is an island treat.
Day 29
Lopes Mendes & More

Destination: Ilha Grande

The final day of your spectacular month-long trip around Brazil is free! One of the classic days on Ilha Grande is to visit Lopes Mendes, regularly voted as one of the very finest beaches on the whole of Brazil\'s 8,000km coastline. You can hike over the headlands for two hours or catch the taxiboats which take you most of the way there, leaving just the final part of the hike. The white sand and crystal clear waters of the beach are backed by tropical jungle and framed by mountains, and you may find few other people there during the week. Dois Rios is another possible trail to a beautiful beach with a river at each end, while Pico do Papagaio is the iconic mountain peak overlooking the main bay.
Day 30
Treasure Island Paradise

Destination: Ilha Grande

Your day will be spent on a boat trip around the island, so that you can see all of Ilha Grande\'s stunning coastline (if the wind is strong, the boat may be restricted to the continental side of Ilha Grande only, as the Atlantic waves become too rough). You make stops in the Blue and Green Lagoons, and off deserted beaches for snorkelling amongst the tropical fish and sea turtles feeding on the coral. You may also be able to spot one of the wrecks off the island - Ilha Grande has many in the surrounding waters, including a helicopter. After returning late afternoon you can enjoy dinner on the beach, under the stars, with nothing but the gentle sound of lapping waves and rustling palm leaves.
Day 31
One Month in Brazil is Over!

Destination: Ilha Grande to Rio de Janeiro & Away

An early departure takes you back to the Ilha Grande pier for your boat back to Brazil! From the port you transfer to the airport in Rio with plenty of time to check in for your overnight international flight home. During your Month in Brazil you will experience a little of every part of the best in Brazil, with cities, culture, nature, wildlife and activities that take you out amongst them. We can also adjust the tour to include more activities if you prefer, and we also have options to specialise a little more in ecotourism and wildlife observation. The variation in scenery and national parks across these fourteen destinations will make this an incredibly photogenic month in Brazil!


* Domestic Flights Estimated Price
$1,250 USD
** Prices Per Adult based on two people travelling and sharing accommodation
Simple B&B
from $7,775 USD
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* Prices vary depending on travel dates and flight availability. Peak periods in Brazil including Carnaval, public holidays and Christmas/New Year usually require a minimum number of nights, so in these cases itineraries may need to be changed.

** Domestic flight prices are estimated on typical values when reserved six months before travel. Prices can never be guaranteed until reservations are made, and do usually become more expensive closer to the travel period.

* Domestic Flights Estimated Price ** Prices Per Adult based on two people travelling and sharing accommodation
$1,250 USD
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$7,775 USD


$8,975 USD


$12,550 USD


$17,700 USD

* Prices vary depending on travel dates and flight availability. Peak periods in Brazil including Carnaval, public holidays and Christmas/New Year usually require a minimum number of nights, so in these cases itineraries may need to be changed.

** Domestic flight prices are estimated on typical values when reserved six months before travel. Prices can never be guaranteed until reservations are made, and do usually become more expensive closer to the travel period.