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Costa Verde Cruise Tour

1-8 Nights

The Costa Verde around Paraty is perhaps the finest place in Brazil for a coastal cruise. The calm waters of the bay, 365 tropical islands, beautiful beaches, mountains, inlets, waterfalls, snorkelling, mangroves and hopefully a little wildlife all come together to make sure that your cruise is as scenic and enjoyable as possible. 

Cruises can be organised for any length of time, from a day out of Paraty, or 1-2 nights around Saco da Mamangua, to a longer cruise of a week or more to explore as much of the coastline and islands as possible. Cruises of up to a week or so will usually stay around the Paraty Bay, where waters are usually calmer than the open ocean beyond. Nights are spent at sheltered anchor points along the route, with islands and headlands providing protection from the wind, with only tiny waves. Boats of varying size can be used, all very well appointed modern motor yachts and sail boats. 

Meals can be made by a professional chef on board with you for the duration, or some pre-prepared meals to take along with fresh produce. We can also arrange the shopping list in advance based around your requirements, and load up the larder with the food and drink that you prefer. Self-catering is always an option too of course if you prefer. On every journey there will always be restaurants that operate solely for people arriving by boat that open for seafood lunches sitting on the edge of the bay with fabulous views over the sea and mountains.

Activities can be arranged during your Costa Verde Cruise, for which we can provide qualified guides as necessary: hiking trails through the rainforest to mountain peaks and freshwater falls; paddling kayaking and stand-up paddle boards around the calm bays and mangroves; snorkelling with sea-turtles and tropical fish at various points; scuba diving can also be arranged to combine with your cruise; and of course, with a sailing boat and a professional sailing instructor as your captain, then learning how to sail your own beautiful boat can be part of your time aboard. 

A cruise around the Costa Verde is recommended for anybody and everybody, and it makes a wonderful stand-alone trip or a perfect finish to a longer tour. Special occasions such as wedding anniversaries and birthdays can be made just that little bit more so with time spent exploring the most spectacular coastline in Brazil.

Combines With: Rio de Janeiro; Sao Paulo; Iguazu Falls; a finish to longer trips around Brazil

Best Time to Visit: A Costa Verde cruise can be taken at any time of year around the tropical waters of Paraty Bay. The heat of summer in January and February can lead to storms although they often don't last so long. The weather patterns are not always predictable on the Costa Verde, so any period could leave you with clear blue skies all day, but with mountains full of Atlantic Rainforest, then there is always the chance of rain as well. 

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Costa Verde Cruise Tour

1-8 Nights

Destinations Visited

  • Paraty
  • Ilha Grande
  • Costa Verde

Trip Style


Activities Included

  • Hiking & Trekking
  • Kayaking & Canoeing
  • Wildlife Observation
  • Ecotourism
  • Beaches
  • Scuba Diving & Snorkelling
  • Cruises

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Day 1
Down the Costa Verde to Paraty

Destination: Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo to Paraty

After leaving from one of the big cities of Rio or Sao Paulo, you journey 3-4 hours along the Costa Verde, Brazil\'s Emerald Coast and possibly its most spectacular coastal route. Jungle-covered mountains tower up to your right and tropical islands dot the sparkling blue Bay of Angra dos Reis to your left. Beaches are also visible between the palm trees, and waterfalls tumble down the mountainsides. After checking in to your Paraty hotel, you can spend the afternoon exploring the historic centre of the old port town. Early evening brings a briefing on your next few days of cruising, with dinner in the town afterwards. You can then prepare to embark on your Costa Verde Cruise in the morning.
Day 2
Costa Verde Cruising

Destination: Paraty to Costa Verde Cruise

After transferring to the Paraty Marina you board your charter cruise to explore the coast and islands of Paraty Bay. Sailing yacht, motor cruiser, catamaran, or luxury speedboat, depending on the size and budget of your group, all of which would come with captain included. Private cabins and facilities allow you to cruise the Costa Verde in comfort. Your crew can also help to make your time as relaxed or as active as you like, with plenty of peaceful days, or perhaps some hiking to the peaks and waterfalls of the surrounding mountains. Stand-up paddle boards, kayaks and snorkels can also be used to explore the coastline and islands, while scuba diving days can also be arranged.
Day 3
Paraty-Mirim Cove

Destination: Costa Verde Cruise

The first stops out of Paraty include a visit to Ilha dos Mantimentos, which used to store the town\'s food supplies on the island. Now the island is home to a population of the rare golden lion tamarin, a beautifully coloured golden monkey. Praia Vermelha has red-coloured sands and clear waters of the mainland headlands, while sea-turtles can often be found feeding in the neighbouring bay off Jurumirim beach. After rounding Ponta Grossa you enter the Paraty-Mirim Cove, with the chance to visit the small historic town before exploring the hidden corners of this beautiful inlet, and Ilha da Cotia which guards the entrance and whose sheltered bays make an ideal stop for the night.
Day 4
Saco da Mamangua

Destination: Costa Verde Cruise

Saco da Mamangua is the only tropical fjord in Brazil, an 8km inlet of emerald waters, with 2km separating the steep sides. Mountains of up to 600m range the whole length, with lush vegetation covering the slopes. The stunning Mamangua scenery makes it perhaps the most popular spot on the whole coastline to moor a boat and relax on board or on the beaches. You can also explore the mangroves at the furthest point from the opening, with snorkelling and stand-up paddle boards to help. Sugar Loaf Mountain towers 438m over the water, and a forest trail takes you to the open peak to enjoy some of the finest views in Brazil. At least one night in the Mamangua fjord is recommended for any length of cruise.
Day 5
Cajaiba Coastline

Destination: Costa Verde Cruise

Around the coast from Mamangua, the next bay is Cajaiba, the final bay before entering the open ocean. Ilha Deserta is the small, deserted island marking the entrance. Praia do Deserta is the first beach around the curve, with Praia Grande being the largest. Pouso da Cajaiba is the main village with the two highest peaks on the Laranjeiras Peninsula looming behind, Pico do Cairuçu at 1,070m and Jamanta at 1,098m. Trails pass between the beaches and also across the Juatinga Reserve to Martim da Sa, a famous remote surf beach on the ocean side of the peninsula. The lighthouse at Ponta Juatinga marks the start of the open ocean, although most cruises and sailing trips don\'t pass it.
Day 6
Crossing to Ilha Grande

Destination: Costa Verde Cruise

The crossing from Paraty or Mamangua to Ilha Grande, the largest island in the bay, is around 25km at the shortest points, taking two hours to complete with motor, or more if sails are set! This is the perfect opportunity to learn a little about sailing if you like. Options for the western side of the island include a snorkel with sea turtles that feed at Meros. Gruta do Acaia is a half-submerged cave with a swim-through into the ocean for those who dare! Praia da Araçatiba has the largest village on the western side with Pico do Urubu overlooking it, while Bananal also has its own viewpoint peak. The two famous lagoons of the island are Lagoa Azul and Verde, both with excellent snorkelling opportunities.
Day 7
Saco do Ceu & Abraao

Destination: Costa Verde Cruise

Waking up at anchor in a beautiful part of Ilha Grande is a special treat on clear mornings, with turquoise waters, emerald mountains, clouds rising up the slopes and blue skies overhead, and Saco do Ceu is certainly one of those spots. Enseada das Estrelas is the bay of the stars close by, and equally stunning. The next bay around has Vila do Abraao, the main town of the island, with Julia and Crena too, both places worth exploring by kayak and stand-up paddle, with sea-turtles often spotted here too. Anchoring off Abraao allows a night exploring the bars, restaurants and shops of the town if you like, with some nightlife as well if that appeals.
Day 8
Lopes Mendes and More

Destination: Costa Verde Cruise

Passing the next headland is the smaller Abraaozinho beach, with Brava, Palmas and Pouso all worth visiting too. A pass between the hills takes you to Lopes Mendes, regularly voted as one of the finest beaches in Brazil. If you prefer not to take the trail, then sailing around the Castelhanos lighthouse on the eastern point of the island and a short passage of open ocean takes you to enjoy this stretch of tropical paradise. Longer trips can continue the circumnavigation of Ilha Grande, through Dois Rios, Parnaioca and Aventureiro, although in rough seas this is not always possible. The continental side is calmer and offers more secure anchor points.
Day 9
Costa Verde Cruise Options

Destination: Costa Verde Cruise

A Costa Verde boat trip can be tailored to your requirements in any way. Any length of cruise can be organised, from a simple day out of Paraty, 1 or 2 nights in Saco da Mamangua, to multi-day options sailing around the whole bay. We can also include journeys to and from Rio by boat, although with no stopping points in the open ocean. Sailing down to Santos and Sao Paulo with stops in Ubatuba and Ilhabela is also possible. Options to suit different budgets are also available, with self-catering to having your own professional chef on board. Boat sizes range from 2 to 8 passengers, or more if using more than one boat. Sailing lessons can also make part of your Costa Verde Cruise Tour.
Day 10
Sailing Away from the Costa Verde

Destination: Costa Verde to Rio de Janeiro & Away

The short crossing from Ilha Grande back to the mainland has you arriving at the port where your cruise finishes. From there you drive on to the airport in Rio de Janeiro, with Sao Paulo also an option to arrive and depart, with sailing all the way to Rio, or taking a small plane or helicopter flight also possible. As well as spending any length of time aboard your cruise boat, we can also combine this idea with any of our other destinations across Brazil and South America, with Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls being two obvious places to make a wonderful little trip. Finishing any tour with a Costa Verde Cruise would make it even more special.


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* Prices vary depending on travel dates and flight availability. Peak periods in Brazil including Carnaval, public holidays and Christmas/New Year usually require a minimum number of nights, so in these cases itineraries may need to be changed.

** Domestic flight prices are estimated on typical values when reserved six months before travel. Prices can never be guaranteed until reservations are made, and do usually become more expensive closer to the travel period.