Cumbuco & Taiba Travel Information

Cumbuco & Taiba – World Class Kite-Surfing!

The beach towns of Cumbuco and Taiba are on the north-facing coast of Brazil, west of the Ceara State capital Fortaleza. The continuous trade-winds blowing from east to west along the shoreline provide some of finest and most consistent kite-surfing conditions on the planet between June and February. Miles of beaches broken by estuaries and headlands, and also backed by dunes mean that there are long stretches of the coastline that can be used for kite-surfing, both in the ocean and on the countless lagoons behind. For beginners, there are plenty of areas with small waves and flat-waters on the lagoons, making Ceara one of the finest places to learn in the world, while larger waves are easy to find for acrobatic experts. The tropical water so close to the equator also means that wetsuits are not necessary here.

Cumbuco is the most popular spot, being only an hour from the international airport in Fortaleza, and it is also a great starting point for short, medium or long-range Kite-Surfing Downwinder. These can be organised for experienced kite-surfers, with back-up team and accommodation, all the way to the Lençois Maranhenses National Park two states away! Shorter downwinders can also include a beach buggy return journey for that little extra adventure.

Stays in the Wind-Towns of Cumbuco and Taiba can also be arranged for long-term guests who come to Brazil to spend a month or two kite-surfing. Both have the relaxed atmosphere that you would expect from Brazilian beach towns, and also with an international flavor in the bars and restaurants that suit a cosmopolitan crowd. Kite-surfing season brings people from all over the world to what were once simple fishing villages, although many people come from February to June as well, when there are plenty of days with enough wind to get your kites out, just that it isn’t guaranteed.

Suitable Destination For: Kite-Surfers, both Beginners & those with experience

Best Time to Visit: July to February is the time of the perfect kiting conditions

Essential Sights & Activities: Kite-Surfing on the ocean and lagoons; Downwinders along the spectacular North-East Brazil coastline

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