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Amazon River Cruises

The wide waterways of The Amazon River, the world’s largest freshwater system, are perfect for boats of all sizes to pass. Boats are in fact the public transport for most of the Amazon region, with most of the interior covered by impenetrable rainforest, so the use of the rivers is well established.

The centre of most Amazon Cruise action is Manaus, the city at the heart of the Amazon Jungle and the embarkation point. It is situated on the black waters of the Rio Negro, just upstream from the Meeting of the Waters, where the white water Rio Solimoes meets the Negro to form the mighty Amazon River. This point is where the two huge tributaries meet but don’t mix for miles in the middle of the river. The differences in density, temperature and flow are the cause of this natural phenomenon and also explain why the Amazon region around Manaus is the finest area for cruising. The rivers have different nutrients and so support a different range of wildlife and plants, with vast biodiversity. Many Amazon cruises visit both parts of the river within a week, and also have options for shorter cruises on each one of the two tributaries.

There are larger cruise liners which head upstream 1,500km from the Atlantic Ocean to finish longer journeys in Manaus. The ones that actually take you to experience the Amazon Jungle are the smaller vessels that embark and disembark in the city, some of them requiring a night in the city before embarking north for the Caribbean and Fort Lauderdale or south for Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

The Iberostar Grand Amazon is the most luxurious cruise operating in the Manaus area, a genuine 5-star, all-inclusive option. Each of the 72 cabins on three decks have equal fittings, private bathroom inside and private balcony on the outside of the boat. The off-boat excursions with experienced bilingual guides, on-boat entertainment and service are also five star. There are four options for the cruise, which runs most weeks of the year. You can take the full 7-night version, either Monday to Monday or Friday to Friday, or the shorter versions of the 4 night Rio Negro cruise from Monday to Friday, and the 3 night Rio Solimoes cruise from Friday to Monday. As with all our Amazon cruises and lodges, the Iberostar Grand Amazon Cruises can also be combined with any other destinations in Brazil.

The MY Tucano is an Amazon Cruise taking in the Rio Negro, Anavilhanas Archipelago, the Lago Janauari Ecological Park and the Meeting of the Waters in a comfortable 9 cabin vessel, exploring the outer reaches of the Amazon Rainforest in the Manaus area. The low berth of the motor yacht allows access to the shallower creeks and channels of the Amazon, meaning exploration is possible in areas not available to every boat. There are two options for the MY Tucano cruises, which embark on different dates. The 7-night Voyage cruise from Saturday to Saturday heads up to the Anavilhanas Archipelago, while the shorter 4-night Odyssey cruise from Monday to Friday stays around the Rio Negro closer to Manaus.

The Amazon Clipper Cruise is a wonderful shorter Amazon cruise, with two levels of boat - the Premium and Standard types - along with three possible lengths, being the 2-night Rio Solimoes cruise or 3-night Rio Negro cruise, or the 5-night combination of both tributaries of the Amazon River.

The Amazon Clipper Premium fleet has two options, the 18-passenger Otter Premium and the 32-passenger Premium. Both have cabins on the outside of the boat with twin beds, private bathrooms and individual air-conditioning units. The dining room inside is also air-conditioned. The cabins occupy the lower two decks while the third deck has the entertainment area, and a covered viewing area, while the top sundeck has fantastic panoramic views. The Amazon Clipper Traditional boat is probably the best value cruise boat, and has 8 cabins for 16 passengers, with all having bunk beds, private bathrooms and individual air-conditioning units. Six of the cabins occupy the lower deck while the second deck has a covered dining area and two more cabins. The top sundeck has fantastic panoramic views as well as a covered area on this traditional Amazon vessels.

The Katerre Expeditions Cruises have many options of different lengths departing throughout the year on boats with 8-16 berths. There are cruises of 3, 4, 6 and 7 nights with regular departures, plus longer expeditions deep into remote areas of the Amazon of 8 and 9 nights. Other routes are available too but only for private bookings. The cruises all begin from Novo Airao, the boat-building community on the edge of the Anavilhanas Archipelago. With so many tributaries to explore, the observation of flora and fauna can be varied. The longer the cruise, the more the outer reaches can be visited. Katerre is a wonderful cruise option for adventurous people, as well as for students and research groups.

The MV Desafio is a handsome medium-sized schooner with space for 24 passengers to cruise the Amazon in plenty of style, and with plenty of space too. The three-masted vessel covers three routes, all with regular departures, two each of 3 nights duration, both from Thursday to Sunday, and a longer cruise of 7 days from Thursday to Wednesday. The shorter cruises cover the Anavilhanas Archipelago as one option, plus the closest reaches of it plus the Iranduba and Meeting of the Waters region, and a quick loop of the Rio Solimoes as another. The longer cruise is a combination of all these areas. All cruises begin and end in Manaus.

Private Amazon Cruises For larger groups, the best option may be to reserve a private cruise, with boats of different sizes available for charter covering similar routes to those mentioned above. Routes may be slightly altered to your specific wishes although careful planning goes into them in order that passengers can visit the very best places in the time available.

Private Sport Fishing Cruises

Another charter option is for Sport Fishing enthusiasts, and again this is perhaps better for larger groups. Specialist sport fishing departures are available, with local experts to take you away from Manaus to the areas of the Amazon that contain the best fishing grounds for peacock bass, pacu and piranha.

All our Amazon cruises come with bilingual guides, experts in the flora and fauna of the Amazon Rainforest and River, and trained in first-aid techniques. Friendly and hospitable Brazilian staff are on board to make sure that your cruise is as comfortable as possible. All meals are included, with Amazon fruits, fish and other produce making up the vast majority. Off-boat excursions are all conducted on smaller craft, all with life-jackets available for each passenger. Safety standards are high on our Amazon cruises.
Some of these options may require a night in Manaus before or after your cruise in order to combine with flight arrivals and departures, please consult us before making any plans or buying flights! The longer expedition cruises may also require an extra night after disembarking too. We will explain all in great detail, all you have to do now is to contact us with some of your own details. Please consider too that any Amazon Cruise can also be combined with whichever Brazil destination you would like to visit, with Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls being an especially popular combination.

Private Cruises

There are many options for private motor yacht and sailing cruises in Brazil, with perhaps the best area being the large bay between Paraty and Ilha Grande on the spectacular Costa Verde. Options for cruises of any length can be organised, and for any size of group, whether a romantic cruise for two, or a large group of family or friends travelling together. As well as the necessary crew (from just a captain for small groups or a full crew as necessary), we can also include a chef, a trail and activites guide, sailing lessons, and anything else that we need to make sure that your Costa Verde Cruise is as enjoyable as it is spectacular.

South America Cruises and Extensions

There are many options for cruises in and around South America, with the principal embarking and disembarking ports being Rio de Janeiro and Santos (close to Sao Paulo) for Brazil, and Buenos Aires for Argentina on the Atlantic side. The Pacific side has Valparaiso, close to Santiago in Chile, and Lima as the principal ports. Many cruises leave these ports to travel around the tip of South America, stopping off Punta del Este and Montevideo in Uruguay; Bahia Blanca, Puerto Madryn, Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego in Argentina; the Falkland Islands; and Punta Arenas, the Amalia Glacier and Puerto Montt in Chile.

There are also cruises which head north, up the coast of Brazil to Buzios; Salvador; Belem; Santarem and Manaus. Then onwards to the Caribbean and the USA or Europe. Other options continue up the Pacific coast, from Lima to Ecuador and up the Central America coast to the USA.

We don’t book these cruises but we can certainly help you find somebody that specialises in long-distance cruises around South America. We do work with the extensions to these cruises, with days in Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls being the most popular options, or a visit to the Amazon Jungle for more cruising perhaps!

The cruise options that we do help organise include all the Amazon Jungle cruises in Brazil of course, plus Antarctic cruises departing from Ushuaia at the End of the World, and many wonderful smaller boat options for Galapagos Islands Cruises off the coast of Ecuador.

Please contact us for further information on any of this.

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