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Venezuela - Savannah, Forest & Falls

Venezuela boasts a chain of tepui, the flat-topped mountains that make a natural frontier between the Amazon Rainforest and the Gran Sabana, the savannah of the interior plains. Here, as well as the summit of Mount Roraima, you can visit Angel Falls (or Kerepakupai Meru as it is known in the local indigenous language) at 979m the highest waterfall on earth. The single drop of 807m is also the highest, with Kukenan across the valley boasting the highest single drop waterfall at 674m.

Suitable Destination For: Ecotourism and exercise in the national parks

Best Time to Visit: Any time of year can have good weather, with the southern Tepuy being drier during November to March, the opposite to the Amazon seasons

Essential Sights & Activities: The Tepuy, especially Roraima, and all their falls, especially Kukenan and Angel Falls

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