Marau Peninsula Travel Information

Marau Peninsula - A Hidden Corner of Paradise

The Marau Peninsula is a quiet corner of Bahia, with miles of empty beaches backed by palm trees and washed by Atlantic waves. Reefs protect the beaches and form the natural pools of Taipu de Fora, while Baia de Camamu is a bay of crystal clear waters, tropical islands, and waterfalls that drop directly into the bay.

Suitable Destination For: Those who like their beautiful beaches to be long and empty

Best Time to Visit: All year round is ok, although April and May are the wet season months

Essential Sights & Activities: The Taipu de Fora Natural Reef; the miles of empty beach on the Atlantic side; Sunset from Taipu de Dentro or Barra Grande; A boat trip around Baia de Camamu including the Tremembe Waterfall

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