Chile Travel Information

Chile - the longest country on earth!

Chile is the longest country in the world, the thin strip of land between the southern half of the Andes Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean. The country has ecotourism destinations such as the Atacama Desert, the highest mountains in The Americas, the Lake District in Patagonia, the volcanoes of the Carretera Austral, plus the trekking paradise of Torres del Paine. Easter Island and the Moai also make part of Chile.

Suitable Destination For: Nature-Lovers; Hikers & Trekkers; Wine Buffs; People taking South American Cruises

Best Time to Visit: Due to the latitude of much of Chile, the southern hemisphere summer of November to March is the best period to visit, especially towards the deep south of the country. The winter of April to October is not usually the best time to visit.

Essential Sights & Activities: Santiago & the Wine Region; Atacama Desert; Carretera Austral Volcanoes; Torres del Paine; Easter Island

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