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Brazilian Telephone Numbers for Emergencies


The emergency numbers for Brazil are as follows:

Police - Policia Civil (for crimes and general police help) 181/147
Police - Policia Militar 190
Ambulance - Ambulancia 192
Fire Service - Bombeiros 193
Road Traffic Accidents - Acidentes do Transito 194
Civil Defence Force - Defensa Civil 199
Power Emergencies - Emergencia de Energia e Luz             0800 196 196      

Using any of these numbers is no guarantee of an emergency service, and certainly not at emergency speed. The attendee might not speak any other language but Portuguese, so words and phrases such as tem fogo (there is a fire); fui robado/asultado (I was robbed/assaulted) and aconteceu um acidente (there was an accident) might come in useful.

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