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Brazil Consulates Around the World

Brazil Consulates Around the World

A list of the Brazilian Consulates and Consular Service contact details from around the world in case you need to contact them about your Brazil Visas in advance of travel. Most consulates will issue Brazil Tourist Visas only within 90 days of your arrival in the country, although exceptions may be made for people leaving home more than 90 days before their planned arrival in Brazil (cruise passengers for example). Of course, some people may be travelling to Brazil for work or conferences, and organising a tour in conjunction with that, in which case a Business Visa for Brazil may be required. The relevant information can still be found through the links in most cases. 
The links below should take you to the relevant website of the consulate, or at least provide contact details for the relevant place. Please be aware that Brazilian consulates do not always respond to phone calls and emails! The websites come in a variety of languages, many in English or Spanish where those languages are relevant, many in Portuguese of course, plus others in the various languages of the locality. 

Not every visitor will need to organise a Brazil Tourist Visa though, please check the list on the link first to see if citizens from your country require one before contacting your nearest consulate. Obviously not everybody will be living and working in their home countries, so hopefully this will at least help you set off in the right direction.
Please note that some websites may still be under development in terms of non-Portuguese sections... and also the Portuguese sections in some cases. 

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