Boa Vista & Roraima Travel Information

Boa Vista - the arrival point for Amazon Expeditions, and to Mount Roraima and Caburai

Boa Vista is the state capital of Roraima, the most northerly state in Brazil which borders both Venezuela and Guyana. This small city has a population of just over 250k and sits on the banks of the Rio Branco, just 220km away from the northern border. It is also the only one of Brazil's 26 state capitals to lie in the northern hemisphere, with the equator crossed some 300km to the south.

Boa Vista is the arrival point for all kinds of multi-day Amazon Expeditions and Tepui Treks. The tropical savannah around the city is more open than other parts of the Amazon Jungle, and makes for fine trekking country. The flat-topped tepui mountains of the Guyana Highlands are some of the oldest geological formations on earth, and also amongst the highest mountains in Brazil. Mount Roraima at 2,810m is the highest and the most popular for trekking expeditions that ascend the 400m high cliffs to camp on the plateau, with its unique flora and fauna. The indigenous ingariko people gave it the name, meaning 'Green Mountain' in their Pemon language. The mysterious tepuis and the Lost World of Mount Roraima has also been the inspiration for many books, films and documentaries.

Expeditions deep into the Amazon Jungle can also be organised from Boa Vista, into the remote territory of indigenous tribes such as the Yanomami and the Wapixana. Monte Caburaí is the northern-most point of Brazil, and expeditions to attempt to summit can last anywhere from 7 to 14 days, staying in remote indigenous villages en route, and with no guarantee that the top will ever be reached! Caburaí is a serious Amazon Expedition, the mountain has rarely had groups making it to the top, and is only for those who consider themselves capable of anything.  The highest waterfall in the world may also be accessed using the city as a starting point, although Angel Falls in Venezuela is still a journey away.

The highest mountain of Brazil can also be scaled in expeditions beginning from Boa Vista or Manaus. Pico da Neblina (Misty Peak) is 2,994m high and towers over the Serra do Imeri range deep in the wildest part of the Amazon Rainforest.  This is a serious trek, but all of the expeditions, treks and adventures beginning in this wonderful, wild area of the Amazon Jungle in the far north of Brazil are only for the truly adventurous!

Suitable Destination For: Adventurous people interested in Amazon Expeditions

Best Time to Visit: The Roraima Tropical Savannah has a different climate to the rest of the Amazon Rainforest, being April to September and dry season from October to March.

Essential Sights & Activities: Mount Roraima; Tropical Savannah; Other Tepui; Amazon Rainforest; Indigenous Tribal Areas; Visiting Venezuela and Guyana too

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