Are You Ready for Brazil?

Brazil Big Day for Birds

Brazil is having its own Big Day for Bird enthusiasts on Saturday 10 October. The annual global event held in the northern spring is organised by the Cornell University Ornithology Lab, to count and catalogue bird species around the planet, and use it also on the ebird project that aims to map all bird species and numbers.

As the event was held in the Brazilian autumn, and possibly after being beaten into second place in terms of bird species by Peru (1,183 different bird species catalogued in Peru on 9 May 2015 compared to 1,125 in Brazil!), the Brazilian birding community decided to launch their own separate event in the Brazilian spring. This should be a more active period for birds across the seven major biospheres of the country.

The idea of the Big Day Brasil is simple - observe bird species during the 24 hours of Saturday 10 October from midnight to midnight, and catalogue the different ones in your area. They must then be noted on the ebird website and totals from across the country will be calculated. 
Brazil Map


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