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Tipping in Brazil

Tipping in Brazil is quite a simple process. Most bars and restaurants that provide you with a proper bill will add 10% service charge. Cheaper, family run places on the beach or similar often do not include or expect 10%, so tips are at your own discretion. Service at such places is likely to be very hospitable and if you are made to feel part of the family, it may encourage you to be generous with tips but nobody will expect them. 

Hotel staff and taxi drivers don’t always seem to expect tips – you may find that the hotel staff leave your bags in your room and disappear into the corridor, leaving you alone to practice your ‘I have no local currency’ mime.  For tours and excursions, your guides and drivers will obviously appreciate a tip if you have appreciated their services. As Brazil Adventure Tours only use excellent, professional guides that we know and trust to provide you with excellent service, then we are sure that you will! Perhaps around R$20-40 per person per day or similar (US$7-15) would be a suitable amount.

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