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Brazil Adventure Tours Emergency Numbers

In case of emergency in Brazil, please seek local help immediately, whether in your hotel, with the local police or with our guides and contacts in each area. We are available at all times of course, and the following numbers are the first ones that you should use.

When in Brazil:
(0xx) 21 3598 8425
(0xx) 21 7925 8888
0xx is the operator code which varies for different operators in the country. The best number to use nationwide is (021).

When in Rio de Janeiro:
3598 8425
7925 8888

The best idea is to call us Collect/Reverse Charges, dialling 90 first, waiting for the music and the introduction to finish. Then you state your name at the beep. The call should begin after that.

With problems before arriving in Brazil, you can try these numbers before the ones above if they are more suitable:

  • USA & Canada: +1 646 755 9704      
  •   UK & Europe: +44 203 287 9704      
  • Australia & New Zealand: +61 3 9015 9704

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Rio de Janeiro Tour Review

"To see so many interesting parts of Brazil in such a short time was fantastic for us!"