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Brazil’s Festivals are renowned worldwide for their music and exhuberance, colour and costumes. Some, such as Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, are world famous, others less well known, but all are worth visiting to witness the vibrant energy that Brazilians put into their festivals. Sometimes the fun is serious and competitive, with parades and judging; other festivals are completely frivolous, designed for nothing but fun and in the most crazy ways. We can help you plan your visit to the one that may suit you best. Brazil also has many Special Events which attract people from around the world to visit for one major purpose, with the Brazil Grand Prix being possibly the most famous annual event. The next few years see the 2013 Confederations Cup, the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics all taking place in Brazil on the sporting front. Musical events are also an attraction with Rock in Rio and Creamfields perhaps making part of your plans. All our Special Events in Brazil can be combined with parts of our other tours if you want to extend your time in Brazil beyond the event that attracted you to visit in the first place.


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"To see so many interesting parts of Brazil in such a short time was fantastic for us!"